Robie Creek Property

  • April 2002
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  • Robie Creek Area Building Site Puddles from the Rain the Week Before View South East Laying out the House
    Laying out the House Jane Dousing for Water Drilling the Well Excavation for Garage Removing some Dead Trees
    View of the building site House Excavation Looking North Along Building Site House Excavation House Excavation
    Looking West Working on the Spring The Spring We Found Stacking Up The Slash Pile Our Spring
    Developing the Spring Working on the Spring Look at the Building Site from Above North End of the Building Site from Above View Northwest
    Diging the Trench for the Culvert View Towards the North View West Trench for the Culvert Putting the Culvert In.
    Helping Randy put the Culvert In Lots of Culvert We install 110' of 12" Culvert